PLS Track Switch

The PLS Switch provides an exit in a straight track. A left or right turn, in one smooth movement. The PLS switches are equipped with our unique Sensor-motion technology.

Technical specications
Usage As exit in corridor. Available in left or right version
Connecting rail     55x65 mm (1383)
Operation Sensor-activated
Compatibility     PLS track-switch must only be used in combination with PLS rail profile
Weight and materials     8,2 kg. Aluminium, standard powder-coated in RAL 9010
Electrical specs     Power supply: 24 V, max 3,5 A. Use only in combination with PLS approved power supply. Activation by PLS Sensor-Motion technology
Model number     Left 1003, right 1004
Marking CE-marked as a part of the PLS rail system. In accordance with: EN: 10535:2006 Directive 93/42/EEC


Sensor Motion

The PLS Track Switch is equipped with the unique Sensor-Motion technology. Because of this technology the track switch is extremely easy to operate. No wall switches or rail contacts but smart sensors detecting the hoist and activate a motion to change direction or connect segments of track. E ectively this means not only more comfort, also more attention for the patient instead of operating a track system.