Here are some examples just to explain the diversity of options in using our track system. With our track, combined with our components like Coupling, Turntable and Switch we can offer the smoothest and most comfortable overhead hoist transfer in the world.

XY System

An XY system is to provide an unlimited number of lifting places within a room, enabling a person to be lifted from practically anywhere within the four walls, can also be combined with a Coupling to be able to connect the traverse rail to a fixed rail. This will allow the Hoist to leave the XY system.

This way, an XY system can also be connected to another XY system. 

Room layout for care home with Patient Lift or Ceiling Hoist and XY or H-system
Straight track with Curves and Switch

A combination of curves and track switch can be used in various combinations.

Room layout for care home or hospital with Patient Lift or Ceiling Hoist with switch