At PLS we believe in responsible and sustainable growth. This comes to fruition in a number of key aspects.



Solarpanels at roof of Patient Lifting Solutions building where ceiling hoists are made
Paneles solares en el techo del edificio de Patient Lifting Solutions donde se fabrican los polipastos de techo
Panneaux solaires sur le toit du bâtiment Patient Lifting Solutions où sont fabriquées les lève-personnes sur rail
Global commitment

Operating in a global market means that we are always in touch with all our distributers and clients all over the world. In the past few years our international dialogue is increasingly taking place through digital meet-ups. We’ve invested in professional teleconferencing materials and high speed internet that enables our employees to be seen and heard as crystal clear as if we were on the spot. Through this we limit our footprint by minimizing flights while at the same time ensuring that we are optimally accessible and easy to reach for our partners worldwide.

Teleconferencing at Patient Lifting Solutions
Quality matters

When it comes to the way we make our products we rely on the oldest trick in the book with regard to sustainability. By that we mean that we make our products to last. The long hassle-free lifespan that a high quality product from PLS ensures is critical in order to save energy in production and limits raw material usage. What’s even better is that it perfectly combines this with added value for our customers. This materializes in our 5 year guarantee* on all PLS products. That’s a promise you can take us up on.

*see our terms and conditions




5 years warranty from Patient Lifting Solutions
Surrounding of PLS
Ceiling Hoist Rail System production
Design and production
under the same roof

Our technicians are closely involved in every detail of our production process, from design up to and including production. We also attach great value to the in-house production of our components. It gives us greater control over the quality of our products and means that we can guarantee you a longer service life.

Experience the quality of PLS for yourself. Let us help you find the right solution for your situation. We would be happy to tell you all about the variety of options!