PLS Turntable

The PLS Turntable can be applied in a rail crossing.

The thoughtful design of our turntable combined with a precise alignment ensures a smooth passage on to and out of the turntable.

This makes care receivers feel comfortable and secure, while simultaneously requiring minimal maneuvering effort from the caregiver. Special attention is paid to the quality of materials and perfecting assembly so that maintenance is minimized.

There are two versions available:

  • Turntable 3-way
  • Turntable 4-way 


Instructional video
Technical specications
Usage In crossing of standard railprofile. Available in 3-or 4-way version
Connecting rail     A-Profile and B-Profile
Operation Sensor-activated (Sensor Motion)
Compatibility     PLS Turntable must only be used in combination with PLS Rail Profile
Weight and materials     9,2 kg. Aluminium and galvanised steel, standard powder-coated in high gloss RAL 9010
Electrical specs     Power supply: 24 VDC, max 3,5 A. Use only in combination with PLS approved power supply. Activation by PLS Sensor-Motion technology
Model number     3-way 1001, 4-way 1002
Marking CE-marked as a part of the PLS Rail System, in accordance with ISO:10535:2021