The AR-200 is a high-quality and all-round Ceiling Hoist for a safe and respectful patient transfer. The Ceiling Hoist is extremely low noise in use, both in lifting and moving through the rail.  The standard features are:

  • An advanced battery protection system.
  • Auto stand-by when not used for a while.
  • No power consumption in stand-by.
  • Slow start and stop function for high lifting comfort.
  • Prepared for an electric spreader bar.
  • Charged by hand control, using a magnetic wall charger. 
  • Double steering trolley for an easy and smooth transfer through the PLS Rail.


The AR-200 is available in 3 versions:

  • AR-200
  • AR-200D (Detachable)
  • AR-200DR (Driven)
Instructional video


The AR-200 is also available in a driven version, called the AR-200DR. This unit is able to move electrically motorized through the rail with the push of a button. 

Technical specifications
Lift capacity (swl)200 kg
Dimensions307 x 270 x 143 mm
Weight10 kg
PowerBattery charged; 24 V/DC, 5.8 Ah
Minimal belt length140 mm
Maximal belt length2260 mm
Lifting velocity32-45 mm/sec
Lifts per full charge>75 @200 kg, >40 @120 kg
Charging time8 Hours
Dimensions of ceiling hoist
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