PLS has an extensive assortment lifting aids with which we help health care workers perform their daily tasks. All over the world our lifting aids provide an easy, safe and responsible way of lifting and moving patients.
We keep working from a constant motivation to ease the daily tasks of health care workers and to help clients (literally) forwards.

From that motivation we are always searching for new developments in health care and other areas of society. Two examples of this are our Cryo-lift and the BodyHoist. In this blog we want to describe the BodyHoist, developed for those who take care of and move deceased people, particularly in morgues of funeral homes. 

Until recently there was no respectful procedure for lifting a deceased person, moving him carefully and laying him in a coffin. Our techinical team has developed a revolutionary idea to meet this need: the BodyHoist. The BodyHoist is operated by only one person, whereas before two or more people were needed to move the body of a deceased.

How is the BodyHoist to be used? The BodyHoist is attached to a ceiling lift in combination with a XY-system for unrestricted freedom of movement in the room. The BodyHoist encloses the body and small forks on both sides function like extra hands to lift up the deceased easily. With the lift you can lift and move the body from the table to the coffin but also from the coffin to the table. Usage of the 
BodyHoist is nog only easy for you but also highly respectful towards the deceased. 

The funeral industry is a branche in itself. Bearing this in mind we developed a website aimed at the BodyHoist. To visit this website with the brochure, user manual and a demonstration video, please click here.